Elections New Brunswick

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) administers elections to ensure they are fair and free of political influence as set out in the Elections Act. In addition, the Chief Electoral Officer holds the position of Supervisor of Political Financing and oversees compliance with the Political Process Financing Act.  In New Brunswick, the CEO is also the Municipal Electoral Officer, and as such is responsible for all municipal, district education council, regional health authority elections and plebiscites conducted under the Municipal Elections Act.  As an officer of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, the CEO must be non-partisan and may not vote in any election.

Michael P Quinn, the current Chief Electoral Officer was appointed in 2007. During his mandate he has overseen the introduction of new procedures aimed at streamlining the voting process.  Elections New Brunswick has greatly enhanced its training of election workers with the introduction of on-line training courses, which build on the classroom based training. In addition dedicated training officers have been hired to lead the training programs in each electoral district.

Under his direction, Elections New Brunswick continues to expand on its outreach efforts to make sure New Brunswickers are fully aware of the rules concerning their ability to vote, as well as the numerous options available for casting a ballot.

The first Chief Electoral Officer, Donald Whelan, was appointed in February 1967. Michael Quinn, the current Chief Electoral Officer, was appointed on March 12, 2007.

Donald Whalen 1967 - 1970
Lloyd H. Nickerson 1972 - 1984
Luc LeBrun 1984 - 1987
Scovil S. Hoyt 1989 - 1991
Henry G. Irwin 1991
Barbara J. Landry 1991 - 2000
Annise Hollies 2000 - 2007
Michael P. Quinn 2007 - present