newslist_update null Media literacy campaign warns voters of online misinformation With a provincial election scheduled for next month, Elections New Brunswick is asking voters not to take everything they see online at face value. 2018081609:04:00 Voters encouraged to update their information prior to September election New Brunswickers who want to ensure they are on the voters list for the provincial election, expected Sept. 24, are encouraged to contact Elections New Brunswick. In some cases, people may have moved or changed their name since the last time they voted. 2018081311:57:00 Electors and political parties have opportunity to comment on locations selected for voting In advance of the September 2018 provincial general election, electors in the province will have a chance to offer feedback on locations that are being considered for polling stations in the fall. 2018051614:01:00 Advance polls and other voting options for upcoming municipal byelections Advance voting takes place Saturday, May 5, for municipal byelections being held in Atholville, Bas-Caraquet, Bathurst, Dieppe, Fredericton Junction, Saint-André, Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël, and St. George. 2018050409:41:00 Close of nominations for municipal byelections Byelections will take place in eight municipalities on May 14 following the close of nominations today. 2018042015:52:00 Nominations open for municipal byelections Nominations have opened to fill 21 vacancies in 15 municipalities across the province during byelections scheduled for Monday, May 14. If more than one candidate is nominated for a position, byelections will be held to fill the following vacant positions: 2018040611:19:00 Advance polls for upcoming municipal byelections, and plebiscite Advance voting takes place Saturday, Oct. 14, for municipal byelections being held in McAdam, Nigadoo, Petit Rocher, Rexton and Saint-André. 2017101311:36:00 Close of nominations for municipal byelections With the close of nominations today, byelections will be held on Monday, Oct. 23, in the following municipalities: 2017092914:19:00 Nominations open for municipal byelections Nominations have opened in six communities to fill six vacancies through byelections to be held Monday, Oct. 23. Nominations close at 2 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 29. 2017091810:00:00 York Rural Community project residents to vote on their future Residents of three local service districts and two partial local service districts in York County will head to the polls on Monday, Oct. 23, for a plebiscite on a community restructuring project. 2017082909:24:00 2018081609:04:00