Elections New Brunswick

The Braille controller is attached to a vote tabulation machine designed to allow you to cast your vote with the help of an audio session. Using this method of voting, you are able to listen to the names of all of the candidates by using the UP and DOWN arrows of the controller to navigate through the list. Once you have found the candidate you want to vote for, you simply press the X shaped button to cast your vote. The machine will confirm to you your selection, and your completed ballot will then be printed into a secrecy sleeve. At that time, one of our Special Voting Officers can help you deposit your ballot into the ballot box


This method is ideal for electors that are blind, have low vision, or have difficulty reading. That said, the Braille controller with an audio session can be used by anybody.

Using an audio session with the Braille controller is safe and confidential. Every elector uses a headset supplied with disposable ear covers for sanitary purposes. The audio is only heard by the elector who is wearing the headset.

Contact your Returning Office to see when they will be available. Please note that they will not be available at advance or ordinary polling station.