Elections New Brunswick

The Sip and Puff device is attached to a vote tabulation machine designed to allow you to cast your vote with the help of an audio session. This method is ideal for individuals that already use a Sip and Puff device on a regular basis. When using this method, you will automatically hear the name of the first candidate. Puffing will allow you to hear the names of all subsequent candidates and will return you to the top of the list once all names have been read. Once you have found the candidate you want to vote for, sipping will allow you to select that individual and cast your vote. The machine will confirm to you your selection, and your completed ballot will then be printed into a secrecy sleeve. At that time, one of our Special Voting Officers can help you deposit your ballot into the ballot box


Using the Sip and Puff device with the audio session is safe and confidential. The device can be easily mounted on a table or wheelchair, for which our Special Voting Officers are trained to assist. Every elector will use a headset supplied with disposable ear covers for sanitary reasons. The audio is only heard by the elector who is wearing the headset. Also for sanitary reasons, our Special Voting Officers will use disposable latex gloves to replace the disposable tips with built-in filters from the Sip and Puff device after each use.

Please note that the Sip and Puff devices will not be available at your advance or ordinary polling station.