Elections New Brunswick

This method is designed for level one Braille users. When using this method, you will be given a ballot inserted into a specially designed secrecy sleeve.

This sleeve has holes on the right hand side and Braille numbers to the right of each hole. Each candidate’s name on the ballot is lined up with one of the holes where you will mark your choice of candidate


In addition to the ballot and specially designed secrecy sleeve, you will also receive a Braille document that contains voting instructions as well as a list of candidates. The list of candidates on the Braille document is in the same order as it is on the ballot.

To vote using this method, read the list of candidates on the Braille document and decide which candidate you want to vote for. Pay close attention to the number assigned to your chosen candidate. Once you have made your choice, identify which hole on the secrecy sleeve corresponds to your selection. After matching the number of your chosen candidate to the hole with the same number, you may place your mark in that hole using a scent reduced marker. After marking your ballot, one of our election officials can help you deposit your ballot into the ballot box.

Using the Braille instruction sheet with the specially designed secrecy sleeve is safe and confidential. The secrecy sleeve will protect your ballot and prevent anyone from seeing who you voted for.

The Braille instruction sheets with specially designed secrecy sleeves will be available at all polling stations throughout the province.