Elections New Brunswick

If you choose to vote at the Returning Office, Special Voting Officers will help you select the method of marking a ballot that will best meet your needs.

Additionally, Special Voting Officers are responsible for administering Additional Polls. Prior to Election Day, Additional Polls may be set up in special care homes, nursing homes and other treatment centres throughout the province.

For electors who are unable to leave their residence due to illness or incapacity, the Special Voting Officers can travel to your residence and help you and your caregiver vote using a special ballot. Please call your Returning Office with sufficient notice to schedule an appointment with the Special Voting Officers prior to Election Day.

You can also request a Special Ballot to be sent to you by mail. Specific instructions will be provided, telling you where to mail the ballot to and by when. Please note that you should request mail-in ballot with sufficient notice to account for the time your ballot will be in the mail.

To get more information on these accommodations or to get contact information for the Returning Office in your district, contact us at: 1-888-858-VOTE (8683).