Elections New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, you have the choice to vote in at least three locations. You can vote at your assigned polling stations or at any Returning Office.

  • Advance Polling Station: Building used for taking the votes of electors on the two days of advanced voting.
  • Ordinary Polling Station: Building used for taking the votes of electors on Election Day.
  • Returning Office: An office set up in each electoral district from where the Returning Officers, Special Voting Officers, and other returning office staff operate from.


Elections NB understands the importance of finding Returning Offices and polling stations that are accessible to all electors. When selecting a location, we look for available buildings that have level access and no obstacles.

Returning Offices and polling stations are set up so that an elector who uses a wheelchair, scooter, or a walker can easily navigate through the entire location. In addition, we also try to find sites that are near bus routes whenever possible

To help our Returning Officers with the selection process, we provide them with the training and tools required to analyze each available site. The information is then reviewed and the site that best fits the requirements of all electors is selected.

Your Voter Information Card will provide the information on your assigned polling station, and if it is level access. If you are unable to physically access your assigned polling station, you can vote at the Returning Office, request a Transfer Certificate or request Curbside Voting.

  • Transfer Certificates: In the event you are assigned a polling station that you are not able to physically enter, you may vote at a Returning Office. Alternatively, a Returning Officer or Election Clerk may issue a Transfer Certificate, which will allow you to vote at another polling station in your electoral district that you are able to access.
  • Curbside Voting: In the event you are at a polling station that is not physically accessible and you have not obtained a transfer certificate, you or someone on your behalf may request that the Poll Supervisor of that polling station assist you to vote at the curbside.