newslist_update null Elections New Brunswick reschedules municipal byelections for Dec. 10 Elections New Brunswick has reconsidered plans to postpone municipal byelections until next spring and will now hold them on Monday, Dec. 10. 2018101914:49:00 Judicial recounts completed Judicial recounts in three electoral districts have ended, confirming the results from election night. 2018100515:28:00 Third recount approved The following statement was released today by chief electoral officer Kim Poffenroth. 2018100312:11:00 Recounts requested The following statement was released today by chief electoral officer Kim Poffenroth. 2018100310:16:00 Student Vote program comes to New Brunswick for provincial election Thousands of elementary and high school students across New Brunswick will participate in a mock election that gives them the opportunity to vote for candidates in this month’s provincial general election. 2018092010:00:00 Elections New Brunswick expands campus outreach for 2018 provincial election Elections New Brunswick is expanding its campus outreach program to include voting stations at 18 post-secondary institutions across the province for the Sept. 24 provincial general election. 2018091410:02:00 Advance polling begins for provincial general election Advance polling for the Sept. 24 general election will take place on Saturday, Sept. 15, and on Monday, Sept. 17. Polls are open both days from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. 2018091310:58:00 Voter information cards in the mail Elections New Brunswick has mailed out nearly 570,000 voter information cards advising people about when and where they can vote in the Sept. 24 provincial general election. 2018090610:14:00 Media literacy campaign warns voters of online misinformation With a provincial election scheduled for next month, Elections New Brunswick is asking voters not to take everything they see online at face value. 2018081609:04:00 Voters encouraged to update their information prior to September election New Brunswickers who want to ensure they are on the voters list for the provincial election, expected Sept. 24, are encouraged to contact Elections New Brunswick. In some cases, people may have moved or changed their name since the last time they voted. 2018081311:57:00 2018101914:49:00