FREDERICTON (GNB) – Elections NB is teaming up with Northumberland Cooperative Dairy to promote the September provincial election. Starting this month, Northumberland will carry a message on the side panel of its two-litre milk cartons reminding New Brunswickers of the Sept. 22 election.

"This provides us with a unique way to reach out to residents and to encourage them to vote," said chief electoral officer Michael Quinn. "We are pleased that Northumberland Dairy was willing to partner with us again to deliver our important message to New Brunswickers."

The message will appear on thousands of two-litre milk cartons during the six-week campaign. This is the third time the dairy has collaborated with Elections NB to encourage voters to go to the polls.

"The objective of our milk carton advertising program is to deliver a message that is relevant and important to the people of New Brunswick,” said the general manager of Northumberland Cooperative Dairy Jack Christie. “Elections NB remains a perfect fit."

Northumberland Cooperative Dairy has been in operation in the province since 1942.