FREDERICTON (GNB) – Chief Electoral Officer Kimberly Poffenroth issued the following statement in response to the deregistration of the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick:

In accordance with subsection 139(2) of the Elections Act, the chief electoral officer of New Brunswick, upon receipt today of a signed application from the leader of the registered political party, will cancel the registration of the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick effective March 31, 2022. Under subsection 139(3) of the same act, the registrations of all district associations associated with the party will also be cancelled.

Under subsection 30(1) of the Political Process Financing Act, if a registered political party or a registered district association ceases to be registered under the Elections Act, all assets still held by or on behalf of it at the time of the cessation of registration shall be immediately remitted to the supervisor of political financing.

Money and other assets remitted to the supervisor under subsection 30(1) of the Political Process Financing Act will be applied, pro rata, to discharge the debts of the political party and its district associations. Any balance remaining will be paid into the consolidated fund.

The chief electoral officer will have no additional comment regarding the deregistration of the party and directs any media inquiries to Mr. Kris Austin, MLA, Fredericton-Grand Lake.