Elections New Brunswick

As the organization responsible for administering the electoral process, Elections New Brunswick has introduced significant enhancements aimed at improving the voting process, making it more efficient and streamlined. We are very proud of the steps taken to remove barriers and to make the voting process in New Brunswick more accessible.

Accessibility Overview

Thank you for visiting the Elections New Brunswick website. This page provides sign language videos answering some of the commonly asked questions about voting.



Who is Eligible to Vote?

To vote in New Brunswick you must be a Canadian citizen, be 18 years of age on or before Election Day, be ordinarily resident in the electoral district as of the date of the election, and have lived in the province 40 days immediately prior to the date of the election.



Am I on the Voters List?

Everyone who is on the voters list should receive a Voter Information Card prior to the election telling them where and when they can vote, but occasionally people are missed. If you have recently moved, or your personal information has changed, contact your Returning Office or Elections NB to confirm if your name is listed properly. If it is, they can advise you where you can vote. If your name is not on the voters list, it will have to be added before you may vote.



How do I get added to the voters list?

For someone to get added to the voters list, they must show one or more pieces of ID that between them provides their name, current address, and signature. A New Brunswick driver’s license is ideal as it has all three required items, but especially in the case of students, who move around a lot, may not have a person’s current address while at school. If someone has recently moved they may have a lease or rent receipt that has their name and current address, or a utility bill with their name and current address, but the name on the bill has to match the name of the person applying to be added.



When and Where Do I Vote?

If you are on the voters list you will receive a Voter Information Card in the mail at your current address. On the back of the card you will find information telling you the dates, times and locations for voting at advance polls and polling day. Elections NB also provides voters with the opportunity to vote by special ballot available at the various Returning Offices.



Do I need to bring anything with me when I go to Vote?

Although you do not need the Voter Information Card to vote, if you bring it with you to vote, you will be able to vote more quickly, because your name will be found on the voters list faster.



Does Elections NB provide interpreter services?

Elections New Brunswick is making the services of sign language interpreters available by appointment only for the two advance polling days and Election Day. We encourage voters to contact Elections New Brunswick to find out details.



How can I get more information about elections?

You can learn more about the services Elections NB provides to voters by visiting our website at www.electionsnb.ca. Or you can call our toll free line at 1-888-858-VOTE.