Government of New Brunswick

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) has concluded that the Jemseg River Bridge and the Kouchibouguacis River Bridge will be permanently closed to traffic and decommissioned.

Both of these bridges are presently closed due to their current condition.

The Jemseg River Bridge was constructed in 1960 and served as a vital part of the Trans-Canada Highway until completion of the existing Trans-Canada Highway (Route 2) in 2001. Traffic on the Jemseg River Bridge decreased significantly after the opening of the new Route 2. In May 2016, following an inspection, the bridge was closed to all traffic due to its condition.

The department is decommissioning the bridge and implementing measures to ensure the safety of the public. These precautionary measures include removing the spans at each end of the structure and constructing cul-de-sacs to allow for traffic turning. The spans are anticipated to be removed before the end of 2016 and the bridge is presently barricaded and closed to all traffic.

The Kouchibouguacis River Bridge, on Route 134, will remain open to pedestrians only. Appropriate signage will be in place. The original completion date is Oct. 31, 2016. The department is exploring options with the contractor to accelerate construction and have the bridge opened sooner.

The Kouchibouguacis River Bridge was closed in Oct. following an inspection. The 72-year-old structure has reached the end of its design life and would need considerable rehabilitation to be safe to reopen. The replacement bridge is being built adjacent to the existing bridge.

The department apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.