Government of New Brunswick

Ferry Launched

Eastern Shipbuilding Group launches the 281 foot
passenger ferry Grand Manan Adventure.
(Video courtesty of Panama City News Herald)

The Government of New Brunswick is committed to delivering better vehicle and passenger ferry services to Grand Manan, White Head and Deer Islands through the Fundy Islands Ferry Services Project.

As part of this initiative, the province welcomed the 82-vehicle Grand Manan Adventure in July 2011. This $65 million (US) investment by the provincial government provides the region with greater economic opportunities, and the largest growth potential for tourism traffic in the Island's history.

During the summer season, Grand Manan benefits from a significant increase in daily vehicle capacity from 630 to 1,000. In the winter season, daily car capacity is increased from 480 vehicles to 640.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure currently owns five vessels operating in coastal waters. The William Frankland operates between Grand Manan and White Head Islands. The Deer Island Princess II and the Abnaki II operate between Letete and Deer Island. The Grand Manan V and the Grand Manan Adventure operate between Blacks Harbour and Grand Manan Island.

The William Frankland holds 12 cars, a four-car increase over the Lady White Head. The Abnaki II holds 24 cars, a six-car increase over the John E. Rigby.

These developments are part of the provincial government's efforts to modernize transportation service to support tourism, economic development and the future prosperity of the Fundy Islands.