Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswick has become a leader in Atlantic Canada in the promotion and use of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

ITS uses advanced or emerging technologies in transportation to save lives, time, money, energy and the environment. It covers all modes, including ground transportation such as private automobiles, commercial vehicles, and public transit, and also rail, marine, and air.

The New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure  believes that ITS technology can enhance accessibility, safety, security, efficiency and sustainability in transportation. The department sees ITS as an excellent tool in our work to build strategic infrastructure and enhance innovation in the province.

ITS provides an opportunity to improve road safety and emergency response in a rural environment, improve accessibility for tourism, improve efficiency for intermodal facilities, commercial vehicles and border crossings, and can increase economic prosperity in the region.



ITS Developments in New Brunswick


  • Thirty-nine road weather stations operate on the province’s highways as part of the provincial Road Weather Information System. The highway cameras on these stations are available online for the information of the travelling public.
  • New Brunswick has four high-speed, weigh-in-motion systems in operation on the Trans-Canada Highway.
  • ITS strategic plan for the Atlantic region.
  • Trucks used by our highway supervisors have been equipped with infrared sensors to measure pavement temperature.
  • As well, our salt and sand spreaders have computerized controls that we use to select application rates.
  • New Brunswick released “Being A Leader With ITS – The New Brunswick Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Strategic Plan 2008-2018” to guide future ITS deployments and initiatives.