Government of New Brunswick

The new multi-lane roundabout at the intersection of Route 105 and Brookside Drive opened to traffic Oct. 5, 2022, replacing the previous signalized intersection in Fredericton North.

Prior to the installation of Fredericton’s fourth multi-lane roundabout, the intersection saw, on average, 36,600 vehicles passing through daily.

The new Brookside Roundabout provides full access to commercial and retail areas along Brookside Drive in addition to several neighborhoods located in Fredericton North.

The new roundabout’s right turn slip lanes now advance traffic from Brookside Drive to Route 105 eastbound, and from Route 105 westbound on to Brookside Drive.

The design also improves traffic flow, reducing travel delays, congestion, queueing and idling – all environmental benefits over the previous signalized intersection.

The development also includes a pedestrian crossing for Route 105, located on the northwest side of the Roundabout for pedestrian access along Brookside Drive.

Flashing beacons have also been installed at intersection of Brookside Drive and Eastbound and Westbound lanes of Route 105.