Government of New Brunswick

These are Orders issued by the Minister of the Environment or someone designated by the Minister to a company or an individual requiring them to undertake specific activities.

Name of Company or Individual Location Date of Order dd/mm/yy Authority for Order Subject of Order
N.K. Lumber (1996) Ltd. Stickney 28/06/04 32(1) Clean Air Act Outstanding for sawdust emissions from a sawmill
Debly Construction/Raymond Debly Saint John 23/04/02 32(1) Clean Air Act To control dust and noise from gravel pit
Conrad Lavoie et Fils Ltee Saint Basile 19/09/00 32(1) Clean Air Act Permanent to control dust emissions from a gravel pit operation
Enco-Tec Environmental Technol Amherst, NS Moncton 06/05/99 32(1) Clean Air Act Remediation of a petroleum contaminated site.

There are Orders which are not specific to compliance and enforcement activities, but do have an overall impact on air quality managment.  They include instances when the Mnister issues an Order to designate a contaminant under the Act or modify the requirements of an existing one; establish an air quality objective, which is either numeric (relates to a specific contaminant) or narrative (relates to achieving a specific air quality management goal).

add to, change or modify the Air Resource Management Areas.


Order Location Date of Order dd/mm/yy Authority for Order Subject of Order
Establishing Air Quality Objectives Province-wide 28/03/02 8(4) Clean Air Act Establishing objectives for: Carbon Monoxide
Hydrogen Sulphide
Nitrogen Dioxide
Sulphur Dioxide
Total Suspended Particulate