Government of New Brunswick



  1. all commercial extraction or processing of a mineral as defined in the Mining Act;

  2. all electric power generating facilities with a production rating of three megawatts or more;

  3. all water reservoirs with a storage capacity of more than ten million cubic metres;

  4. all electric power transmission lines exceeding sixty-nine thousand volts in capacity or five kilometres in length;

  5. all linear communications transmission systems exceeding five kilometres in length;

  6. all commercial extraction or processing of combustible energy-yielding materials, except fuelwood;

  7. all offshore drilling for, or extraction of, oil, natural gas or minerals;

  8. all pipelines exceeding five kilometres in length, except:

    i.  water, stream or domestic wastewater pipelines, and
    ii.  pipelines or pipe lines that are the subject of an application under  the Gas Distribution Act or the Pipe Line Act:

  9. all causeways and multiple-span bridges;

  10. all major highway projects involving either a significant length of new highway alignment or a major upgrading or widening of an existing highway resulting in a change in its intended use or classification;

  11. all facilities for the commercial processing or treatment of timber resources other than fuelwood, except maple sugaries, shingle mills and sawmills producing less than one hundred thousand foot board measure annually;

  12. all programs or commercial ventures involving the introduction into New Brunswick of plant or animal species which are not indigenous to New Brunswick;

  13. all waste disposal facilities or systems

    (m.1)all disposal, destruction, recycling, reprocessing or storage of waste that originates outside New Brunswick and all facilities or systems for the disposal, destruction, recycling, reprocessing or storage of such waste;

  14. all sewage disposal or sewage treatment facilities, other than domestic, on-site facilities;

  15. all provincial or national parks;

  16. all major recreational or tourism developments, including developments which consist of changing the use of land so that it is used for recreational or tourism purposes;

  17. all ports, harbours, railroads or airports;

  18. all projects involving the transfer of water between drainage basins;

  19. all waterworks with a capacity greater than fifty cubic metres of water daily;

  20. all major residential developments outside incorporated areas;

  21. all enterprises, activities, projects, structures, works or programs affecting any unique, rare or endangered feature of the environment;

  22. all enterprises, activities, projects, structures, works or programs affecting two hectares or more of bog, marsh, swamp or other wetland;

  23. all facilities for the processing of radioactive materials.