Government of New Brunswick

In the spring, inland flooding can occur with rapid snowmelt and heavy rainfall.  Flooding can also be caused by water backing up behind an ice jam.  At other times of the year, intense rainfall during major storms can cause flash flooding, particularly in smaller rivers.

Coastal flooding can be caused by unusually high tides or storm surges. The land close to an area of brackish water or estuary can be at particular risk of flooding due to high water levels caused by high river flows, marine tides and storm surges which can act alone or in combination.   

If your well is currently under water, do not use your well water. If your well water has a different smell or colour than usual, even after letting the water run, and/or you think that your well may be affected by chemicals such as furnace oil, gasoline or agricultural chemicals, do not use your well water for any purpose whatsoever – even if it has been boiled.  If this is the case, you should contact the nearest Regional office of the Department of Environment and Local Government at:

  • Region 1-Bathurst (506) 547-2092
  • Region 2- Miramichi  (506) 778-6032
  • Region 3- Moncton  (506) 856-2374
  • Region 4- Saint John  (506) 658-2558
  • Region 5- Fredericton  (506) 444-5149
  • Region 6- Grand Falls  (506) 473-7744







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