Government of New Brunswick

Water has always been with us! In fact, the amount of water we have doesn't change. Water just keeps moving between earth and sky.




Most of the water on earth is salt water, stored in the oceans. Salt water starts out as rain or snow, but it picks up mineral salts from the earth as it travels toward the lowest points of land on the planet. When there are no more hills to flow down, the water has reached the ocean. As water evaporates from the ocean, it leaves behind its salt.

Ocean water is great for fish, but it is too salty for many of our needs. It would certainly not be very good to drink!

People need fresh water. We find fresh water in the lakes and rivers on the surface of the earth ("surface water") or drill wells to bring it up from deep underground ("groundwater").

There isn't a lot of fresh water on earth, so we have to protect what we have. Pollution near our water sources could contaminate the water and make it unsafe to use.