Government of New Brunswick

It can be easy for Canadians to take our clean water for granted.  We turn on a tap -- and out it comes, clear and safe to drink!

Only a little bit of our clean water is used for cooking and drinking - three times as much is flushed down the toilet. We also use water for cleaning ourselves, our clothing, and our homes. Outdoors, we might spray water onto lawns and gardens, or use the hose to wash a car.

Cleaning - 5% , Kitchen and drinking - 10%, Laundry - 20%, Toilet flushing - 30%, Showers and bath - 35%

It makes good sense to practice water conservation. Don't let good water go down the drain!

Water conservation is being practiced in 10 different places in this house.

Wash full loads each time to save water and electricity. Dishwashers use lots of water and electricity. Wash dishes by hand whenever you can.
Look out for leaky, dripping taps. Keep a bottle of water in the fridge, instead of running the tap to get a cold drink of water.
Use a bucket and sponge instead of a running hose to wash a car. Flush the toilet only when you need to - don't use it as a garbage can.
Collect water in a rain barrel to use for watering flowers and trees. Turn off the tap while you're brushing your teeth.
Use a broom instead of water to clean your driveway. Take a short shower, or use less water in your bath.