Government of New Brunswick

The Government of Canada has introduced a new infrastructure fund that will inject more than 78 million federal dollars  into projects to rehabilitate and modernize New Brunswick’s public infrastructure. These investments will improve municipal infrastructure in the categories of water, wastewater and storm water.   

This program hopes to achieve the following goals:              

  • Rehabilitate and modernize New Brunswick’s aging public infrastructure;
  • improve the quality of the environment;
  • accelerate short term municipal investments; and
  • better position New Brunswick's economy for the future.

The following are eligible investments in the water, wastewater and storm water categories:

  • Capital projects for the rehabilitation of water treatment and distribution systems, and wastewater and storm water collection, conveyance and treatment systems;
  • Separation of existing combined sewers and/or combined sewer overflow control;
  • Initiatives that support system optimization and improved asset management including studies and pilot projects related to innovative and transformative technologies;
  • Design and planning for upgrades to wastewater treatment infrastructure to meet federal regulatory requirements; and
  • New construction projects, including the construction of naturalized systems for management and treatment of wastewater and storm water, if the projects will be completed within the program timeframe.

The focus is on accelerated investments in the short term:

  • Eligible expenditures will include costs incurred between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2018.
  • The funds will be allocated to projects in the months following the signature of the Canada-New Brunswick agreement.
  • The funds are for projects that would not otherwise have been undertaken in 2016-17 or 2017-18 and/or a project that would not have been undertaken without federal funding.

Information from the Government of Canada can be found at Infrastructure Canada.