Government of New Brunswick

Incorporated Areas:

As required by the Administrative Agreement on the Federal Gas Tax Fund (effective April 1st, 2014), each eligible local government must submit two five-year Capital Investment Plans (CIP) to the Department of Environment and Local Government. One plan will cover investments planned for 2014-2018 and the other for 2019-2023.  Each plan must identify the specific projects to be undertaken as a result of receiving program funding.

Allocations are determined based on population. Each area will begin receiving payment once its Capital Investment Plan has been evaluated and accepted by the Province, and an agreement contract has been signed with the Department of Environment and Local Government. Eligible recipient payments are usually transferred twice a year over a five-year period, ending with a final installment in the final installment in the final year of each five-year period. 

Here are the funding distribution lists for this program in chronological order:

Unincorporated / Local Service District Areas:

In unincorporated areas, during the 2014-2019 period, the Province was responsible for the distribution of investments.  Projects were selected based on regional needs and priorities.

For the 2019-24 period, the Department of Environment and Local Government has conducted a consultation exercise with stakeholders and invited applicants to submit project proposals through a call for applications.  Project applications are evaluated based on the criteria identified in the call for applications and funding is awarded based on project merit.