Government of New Brunswick


This Department provides residents of the unincorporated areas of New Brunswick with a variety of services such as fire protection, solid waste collection and disposal, and street lighting.

To assist the department in providing local services and to ensure the input of residents, the Municipalities Act provides for the election of Local Service District Advisory Committees. These committees work closely with the Department’s regional Local Services Managers by advising and consulting on local concerns. This important working relationship ensures the effective and cost efficient delivery of services to a large number of New Brunswick residents.


An advisory committee member must be:

(a) the full age of eighteen years or will attain the full age of eighteen years on or before polling day at the pending election,
(b) a Canadian citizen,
(c) a resident of the Local Service District (LSD) on election day and throughout the term of office, and
(d) ordinarily a resident in the Province for 40 days immediately preceding the date of the election.


Members of an Advisory Committee are elected at a public meeting to represent the citizens of their LSD for a period of four years. Vacancies on Advisory Committees remain unfilled until the next scheduled election.

A Local Service District Advisory Committee is composed of no less than three (3), and no more than five (5) members. The chairperson and secretary are chosen by the committee members in a manner that is deemed acceptable by all concerned, during the first meeting of the newly elected committee.


An Advisory Committee is created under the authority provided by the Municipalities Act. It has no administrative financial or contractual authority. The Minister, through the Local Services Manager, is responsible for the administration of the district, including provision of local services and the expending of public funds.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Advisory Committee advises and assists the Minister through the Local Services Manager in the following areas:

a) Preparation of a yearly budget and the establishment of the local tax rate annually;

b) Day-to-day administration of the Local Services district;

c) Inventory control and insurance of assets, which are held in trust by the Minister on behalf of the LSD;

d) Community planning matters, upon the Minister’s request;

e) Organizing and/or chairing Advisory Committee meetings as required, as well as other community meetings announced by the Minister. In addition, an Advisory Committee member may be requested by the Minister to become a member of a Commission or Board from which the LSD receives services;

f) Provision of fire protection services are the responsibility of the Department through the Local Services Manager. He or she may consult with the Advisory Committee and/or Fire Chief when deemed necessary.