Government of New Brunswick



  • Store gas and other dangerous liquids in safe containers.
  • Keep those containers away from occupied buildings.



  • Keep tanks a safe distance from buildings.
    (In case of fire, valves can be shut down.)
  • Keep the surrounding area clear of vegetation.



  • Clean roof and gutters regularly 
  • Keep a screen over every chimney or stovepipe opening
    (Make sure it is non-flammable.
  • Remove any tree limbs near a stove or chimney opening 
    (Within three metres)
  • Remove lower branches from tree trunks. 
    (Recommended height: three to five metres)
  • Have fire tools handy.
    (For example: ladder that will reach the roof, shovel, rake, water bucket)
  • All roads and driveways should be at least five metres wide
  • Post your name and address at the entrance to your driveway
  • Clean leaves and debris from around buildings
  • Have at least two entrance and exit routes from your house
  • Space your shrubs at least 4.5 metres apart
  • Names of roads should be indicated at all intersections
  • Garden hose should be connected to an outlet
  • Use a fire-safe container to dispose of ashes and charcoal
  • If it will burn – keep it away from buildings.
    (For example: firewood, picnic table, boat)