Sites were recommended by our conservation partners, scientists, Indigenous Nations, hunting and fishing clubs, naturalists, recreation organizations and individual citizens.

The wide variety of perspectives enriched the pool of submissions, making it apparent that there are many areas worthy of protection throughout the province.

Sites having a high diversity of species and/or habitat features were reviewed for conflicting land uses and cultural significance by a multi-disciplinary government team.


Thank you to all who nominated new lands
and waters for protection

“I am encouraged by the outstanding show of support from the more than 110 different organizations, community groups, and engaged citizens who nominated the lands and waters for protection. Thank you to all who came together to help protect New Brunswick’s natural spaces.”

Minister Holland


How does the conservation process work?


Areas worthy of protection throughout the province were nominated by Indigenous Nations, Conservation leaders, rights holders, stakeholders, and citizens.


Over 400,000 ha of Candidate Conserved Areas were created through the examination of species and habitat records, existing land uses, and from received nominations. The opportunity to share feedback on these Candidate Conserved Areas was provided to Indigenous Nations, our Conservation partners, land managers, stakeholders and interested citizens.


Following consideration of all available information, approximately 385,000 ha of our Candidate Conserved Areas will be established as Nature Legacy protected areas, bringing us to our goal of 10% protected area in New Brunswick. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date as new Nature Legacy protected areas are established.


What became of Public Nominations?

The Department of Natural Resources & Energy Development’s conservation team has considered all nominations. Those that made positive contributions towards the Nature Legacy goals were identified as Candidate Conserved Areas.

Resulting Candidate Conserved Areas were made available for comment on an interactive map.

Candidate Conserved Areas are still being assessed to determine which will serve to protect 10% of New Brunswick.

Once all options have been considered, selected Candidate Conserved Areas will be established as Nature Legacy protected areas.


Check out our interactive map of Candidate Conserved Areas and Nature Legacy protected areas.
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