Government of New Brunswick

Administrative Assistant

Are you able to juggle multiple priorities while helping others in your team stay organized?

Assistant Deputy Minister

Interested in playing a key role in leading and providing strategic direction in support of public policy or new programs and services for the citizens of New Brunswick?

Corrections Officer

Are you interested in criminal justice? Are you able to take action in emergency or stressful situations?

Customer Service Representative

Do you like helping people and providing friendly customer service? Do you thrive in a fast paced and dynamic environment?


Interested in leading and managing a team in program development, public administration or client services? Are you organized and good at managing people or financial resources?

Electrical Inspector

Are you interested in keeping New Brunswickers safe? Are you able to follow complex technical policies and procedures to the letter?

Environmental Inspector

Do you have an interest in the environment? Do you want to help preserve our air, water and land for future generations?

Financial Analyst

Do you enjoy identifying complex issues, being proactive and proposing workable solutions in the area of financial management?

Highway Planning Engineer

Do you enjoy planning for complex projects? Are you interested in the environment, science and how things work?

Operations Worker - Snow Fighter

Are you able to work alone and interested in operating heavy equipment in challenging weather conditions?

Policy Analyst

Are you good at putting ideas into practice? Do you want to develop policies and legislation that will lead New Brunswick into the future?

Project Engineer

Are you curious about how things are designed and constructed? Do you enjoy complex technical work while keeping in mind the big picture?

Social Worker

Are you interested in working with individuals and families going through difficult times? Are you good at offering compassion and finding solutions?


Do you have a thirst for knowledge, accuracy and a great curiosity? Do you have a passion for languages?


Interested in working with animals particularly livestock, poultry, and fish species? Would you like to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases?

Wildlife Biologist

Have a passion for sciences? Would you like to help protect New Brunswick’s wildlife and their habitats?