Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswick Medicare is a provincially administered plan in accordance with the terms of the Canada Health Act.  This plan was enacted in NB in 1971.

This website is designed to provide New Brunswick residents with general information on the main features and benefits of New Brunswick Medicare.  It is for your convenience and is not intended to provide legal advice, to present the legal position of the Department of Health on any issue nor to be legally binding.

Since changes are made from time to time to the Acts and Regulations of the New Brunswick health plan, please contact New Brunswick Medicare for the most current information.

The New Brunswick Department of Health welcomes your questions, but wishes to remind you that your personal health information, including your Medicare number, belongs to you and should be protected.  Please do not include personal details about yourself or your health condition in your e-mail to us.  If, after reviewing your question, we require more information from you, we will contact you to arrange a discussion.

Should you choose to include Personal Information(PI) or Personal Health Information(PHI) in your email to Medicare, such inclusion of PI or PHI shall be deemed to be an implied consent for Medicare to disclose the included PI or PHI to Medicare employees, to employees of other Department of Health branches, to employees of related health care partners or to employees of other Government departments as are necessary to respond to the question, investigate and address the concern or deal with your email in an appropriate and efficient fashion.