FREDERICTON (GNB) – New Brunswick has more than 20,000 COVID-19 vaccine appointments available for all eligible age groups this month and more are being added as the province moves to bolster New Brunswickers’ ability to fight off Omicron.

Booster doses are now available to everyone 18 and older, as long as five months have passed since their second dose.

“We are opening additional clinics every day, so I encourage everyone to book their booster dose appointment as soon as possible,” said Health Minister Dorothy Shephard. “Getting your booster dose is the best way to reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill from Omicron.”

Appointments can be booked online at vaccination clinics offered through the Vitalité and Horizon health networks. Those unable to book an appointment online, or who need assistance, may call 1-833-437-1424.

Pharmacies throughout New Brunswick are also offering vaccine clinics and appointments can be made by contacting the pharmacy directly.

Since Monday, Jan. 10, more than 32,680 appointments have been booked with the regional health authorities for booster doses of an mRNA vaccine. As well, 43,650 full doses have been ordered by pharmacies for their COVID-19 clinics.


Public Health reported there are 14 people in intensive care and another 101 in hospital for a total of 115 people hospitalized who have COVID-19.

Of those currently hospitalized, 60 were admitted for reasons other than COVID-19. 71 per cent of those in ICU are either unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or it has been more than six months since their second dose. Of those in hospital, 92 are over 60 and four people are on a ventilator. One person 19 and under is hospitalized. The seven-day rolling average of hospitalizations is available on the COVID-19 dashboard.

The rate of people hospitalized and in ICU continues to most greatly impact people who are unvaccinated and those who are over six months from their second dose. Information about the rates of cases and hospitalizations based on vaccination status, the age and origin of new cases, and additional information, is available on the COVID-19 dashboard.

Four COVID-19 cases have died. A person 50-59 in Zone 2 (Saint John region), a person 60-69 in Zone 4 (Edmundston region) and two people in Zone 6 (Bathurst region), one person 60-69 and another 70-79.

Upcoming technical updates to provincial immunization registry

A necessary system upgrade affecting the provincial immunization registry in the Public Health Information Solution will affect access to immunization records through the MyHealthNB website this weekend. From 11 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 14, until Monday, Jan. 17, there will be a delay or limited access in displaying new immunization records and proof of vaccination documents.

People are reminded to download and print their proof-of-vaccination documents well before they are needed for travel or other purposes.

The registry upgrade will not affect access to PCR test results through MyHealthNB.Due to this technical upgrade, vaccination statistics will be only be updated tomorrow, Monday, January 17.

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The entire province is currently in the Level 3 phase of the winter plan to manage COVID-19. More information on the COVID-19 alert system, including guidance on public health measures, restrictions and the mandatory order, is available online.

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