Government of New Brunswick

The Department of Intergovernmental Affairs, through its North American Relations division, actively supports New Brunswick’s participation in Atlantic cooperation initiatives. New Brunswick is strongly committed to working closely with Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador on policies and initiatives that increase the efficiency and quality of government services to the citizens of New Brunswick; and enhance the economic competitiveness of New Brunswick and the Atlantic region as a whole.

Through participation in the Council of Atlantic Premiers (CAP), New Brunswick collaborates with its Atlantic neighbours to voice the Atlantic Canadian perspective on fundamental national issues and ensure that Atlantic Canadians and their interests are well represented in national debates.

The work of the Council of Atlantic Premiers, founded in May 2000, builds on the past and ongoing work of the Council of Maritime Premiers, which has been in existence since 1971. All Atlantic provinces, through the work of the Council, are committed to developing a climate in which Atlantic Canadians can fully participate and be competitive in the global economy, benefit from quality services, and continue to enjoy the quality of life and environment that is unique to this region.

Premiers meet regularly to discuss issues of common concern to Atlantic Canadians. In January 2008, New Brunswick hosted a forum of cabinet ministers from the four Atlantic Provinces. The meeting in Sackville, NB, produced agreement to move forward on new collaborative ventures in several areas, including energy policy, healthy living, literacy, aquaculture and public procurement.

New Brunswick will continue to work through the Council of Atlantic Premiers to further collaboration between governments that will improve services to Atlantic Canadians.