Government of New Brunswick

Coordinates a corporate approach to: promoting and protecting New Brunswick's interests within the Canadian federation; pursuing regional cooperation as a strategic approach to achieving the social and economic priorities of New Brunswick; seeking increased federal fiscal investment in New Brunswick; maximizing the economic and social benefits for New Brunswick as a member of the Council of the Federation through participation in First Ministers Conferences.


  • Co-ordinating the development and implementation of New Brunswick’s corporate intergovernmental positions and policies.

  • Supporting the Premier and Ministers at federal/provincial/territorial meetings and events.

  • Representing New Brunswick positions to other governments and organizations and vice versa.

  • Ensuring that all intergovernmental agreements pursued and entered into by the province are compatible with New Brunswick’s interests and consistent with our commitments.

  • Securing increases in federal investment in New Brunswick consistent with the province's fiscal economic, social and cultural priorities.

  • Pursuing New Brunswick's interests through participation in various intergovernmental institutions such as the Council of the Federation and participation at First Ministers Meetings.

  • Conducting research on trends and issues affecting New Brunswick’s intergovernmental relations at the regional and national level.