Government of New Brunswick

Hall of Fame Award

Recipients must:

  • be a resident of New Brunswick or a New Brunswick based organization (profit, non-profit, or volunteer).
  • have actively contributed energy, time, talent, resources or support to the planning, implementation, maintenance, enhancement or promotion of crime prevention and safe communities for a minimum of five years.
  • have succeeded in rallying support (especially volunteer support) in establishing and maintaining community crime prevention activities that improve the quality of life.
  • not a member of Parliament, the Senate or a member of the Hall of Fame Committee.

Constable Leo "Tyler" Francis Memorial Award

Nomination must:

  • describe the contribution the nominee has made to crime prevention.
  • include copies of newspaper articles if available.
  • any further information the committee should have in making their decision.

Business Crime Prevention Excellence Award

Nomination must:

  • brief overview of the activity that brought about the nomination
  • other information deemed relevant to the business activities that raised the profile of awareness of the public project
  • Please attach any newspaper clippings or relevant advertisements
  • a personal note or overview from your committee describing the value of the commitments of this business to your community

Department of Public Safety Certificate of Recognition

Things to consider:

  • were the Nominee(s)' endeavors sensitive to cultural, linguistic, racial or other minority needs and/or interest?
  • is there other relevant information concerning the individual/ organizations efforts in raising public awareness in achieving community action and creating safer communities.
  • is there any other program involving this individual/organization which would be adaptable to other areas of the province?
  • photocopies of newspaper clippings describing the program or commitment of Nominee(s) would be helpful.