Government of New Brunswick

The purpose of the National Sex Offender Registry

The electronic record of convicted sex offenders is intended to improve public protection by helping police identify possible suspects who live in the area where a sex offence has taken place.

When an individual is convicted and sentenced under one of the designated offences listed in the Criminal Code amendments such as sexual assault, child pornography or sexual exploitation, the Crown can apply to the court to have the offender placed on the Registry.

The information contained in the record is only used to investigate a specific crime that is suspected to be of a sexual nature only as authorized by law.

Sex offenders are required to remain registered for one of three periods. The periods are based on the maximum penalty available for the offence of which they were convicted:

  • Ten (10) years for summary conviction offences and offences with 2 and 5 year maximums;
  • Twenty (20) years for offences carrying a 10 or 14 year maximum sentence; and
  • Lifetime for offences with a maximum life sentence or when there is a prior conviction for a sex offence.

Where are the registration centres located?

In New Brunswick, registration centres are located at nine (9) Municipal Police Force offices and the twelve (12) RCMP District offices.

Police at these registration centres are responsible for placing the information on the National Sex Offender Registry and the enforcement of the registration provisions.