Government of New Brunswick

Receiving Support Payments

To ensure that you receive your payments, you must keep your address current with the Office of Support Enforcement (OSE). If mail is returned to us, all future payment will be held until we receive your new address. If we do not have a current address for you for an extended period, your file will be closed and any money collected will be returned to the Payer. If your address changes, please notify your regional OSE office. You may sign in to confirm the address currently on file with OSE.

As a Beneficiary you have two options for receiving your support payments:

Direct Deposit

Why Use Direct Deposit?

  • It is the safest way to receive your money. There is less risk of fraud or of lost or stolen
  • A postal strike will not delay delivery;
  • You do not have to stand in line at a bank or ATM;
  • The deposit will be sent to the bank on the same day that a cheque would have been
    produced at the Office of the Comptroller and sent to the mail.

To allow us to offer the best service and security, we strongly suggest having support payments sent
to you by direct deposit.

To be set up for direct deposit, please print the Direct Deposit form or contact our Central Payment Unit (CPU) at 506-444-4131 to request a form. Please send the completed form to: OSE, Suite 1089, Chancery Place, PO Box 6000, Fredericton NB E3B 5H1 or Fax to: 506-453-2234 or scan and email to


If you are unable to use the direct deposit option, a cheque can be mailed to you.  



Beneficiary Responsibilities

You must keep the Office of Support Enforcement (OSE) informed of any changes to the information in your file. Alerting us immediately to a change in address or telephone number will help us collect your support more efficiently. It is essential that we have a current address to be able to serve notices on you when required by the legislation. If we do not have a current address, you will not receive your payment, even if it is being paid by Direct Deposit.