Government of New Brunswick

Heritage Week 2022 takes place February 14th – 21st. This year’s theme is Discover our storytellers.

The theme of heritage week is suggested as “The Storytellers” to commemorate the important yet distinct roles that people, sites, monuments, objects and events have had in contributing to our respective culture(s) and appreciation for our respective histories. 

Every culture, society, community and family have people who are recognized as the knowledge holders whose roles are to engage others in the sharing of knowledge and the wisdom, teachings, appreciation of the objects and monuments, cultural and natural sites, historical figures and the experiences of those who came before us.  They may be called Elders, grandparents, historians, artists, singers/songwriters, authors, poets, philosophers, scientists, teachers etc.  Regardless of title or specific role, they each serve to engage contemporary generations in the collective understanding of the teachings of millennia of experiences, discoveries and perspective of the past and our place in the world gained by our ancestors and passed on through these various storytellers to us all. 

Sharing knowledge in this way is the primary way that societies have collectively learnt, discovered, advanced and continue the teachings and understandings of those who came before us.  These roles have been and will continue to be crucial in honouring and understanding where we came from and aid us in our collective journeys in the present and into the future.  That’s why, in recognition of these vitally important people, objects, sites and histories and the knowledge and teachings bestowed upon to us as a result of their teachings, we honour and recognize the storytellers by dedicating the 2022 Heritage Week to those still with us and those who have made their contributions in the past. 

During Heritage Week we encourage everyone to visit and discover our great buildings, cultural institutions, extraordinary landscapes and vibrant urban and rural communities or to attend a heritage week event in their community. If you can’t experience activities and places first-hand, then consider exploring heritage virtually from your home. Click on the following link  to obtain a list of websites that will help get your search started.

If you are planning an event for Heritage Week or know of an event taking place live or virtually please share it with us on our Facebook page

Celebrate Heritage Week 2022 and discover your identity and source of life and inspiration!