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Gender-based analysis (GBA) is an evidence-based, analytical tool that identifies how diverse groups of women/girls, nonbinary folks, and men/boys may experience policies, programs, and initiatives.

To ensure intended and equitable outcomes for all New Brunswickers, consideration must be given to their different realities. We must also consider how these differences impact outcomes and work to redress issues that create inequalities.

GBA enhances inclusiveness in decision-making to ensure that diverse gender perspectives and needs are better represented.


  • strengthens decision-making by taking the different realities of gender experiences into account;
  • recognizes that gender is different for every person and that gender identity is just one, of many, intersectional identities, i.e. not all women, nonbinary folks, and men have the same experiences;
  • recognizes that equal opportunity does not necessarily mean equal results;
  • challenges assumptions before making important decisions;
  • more accurately measure impacts and outcomes based on differing gender needs, roles, life experiences, and economic and social circumstances, and
  • helps develop more equitable, inclusive options when biases or inequities are identified.


Below are resources to help you use Gender-Based Analysis in your work:

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