Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick

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- K -

Kilograms (kg). A fundamental unit of mass in the metric system that is equal to 1000 grams.

kilojoules per hour (kJ/h). A unit of electrical energy equal to that produced in one hour, whereas a kilojoule equals 1000 joules.

kilopascals (kpa). A unit of pressure equal to 1000 pascals.

Kilowatts (kW). A unit of power equal to 1000 watts and one watt is equal to a Joule per second.

Kraft Boiler. A large field erected boiler having special design features, which allow firing of the black liquor under carefully controlled conditions. It is an integral part of a Kraft Pulp Mill Chemical Recovery System.

Kraft Pulp Mill. Is a pulp mill that utilizes an alkaline solution referred to as white liquor, which typically has about a 10 % percent concentration of sodium sulphide and sodium hydroxide in water, to separate the wood fibres from natural glue (lignin). The spent cooking liquors, known as black liquor, are separated from the pulp following digestion and are treated in a chemical recovery system, which regenerates the cooking chemicals of sodium sulphide and sodium hydroxide while utilizing the heat value of the organic residue to generate steam for the process.