Elections New Brunswick

This method is based on the traditional voting process with the exception that you will use a large grip, scent-reduced marker to mark your ballot instead of a pencil or pen. Using the scent-reduced marker, you will simply make a mark in the appropriate circle beside the candidate of your choice.

Using this method of voting is safe and confidential. An election official will insert an unmarked ballot into a secrecy sleeve before handing it to you. After you vote, you simply replace your ballot into the secrecy sleeve and then deposit the ballot into the ballot box.

Making a mark on a paper ballot has always been the most popular way to vote. The option of using a scent-reduced marker to cast your vote will be available at all polling stations throughout the province.


Efforts have been made to provide improved ballot readability by anyone who has low vision. Our ballots are printed on letter size paper. The candidates' names on the ballots are printed in a large font, and the lettering is white over a black background. Also, Elections NB will provide magnifying glasses at all polling stations. If you have your own magnifying glass, you are encouraged to bring it when you come to vote.