Elections New Brunswick

Voting in Treatment Centres

A treatment centre includes nursing homes, special care homes, assisted living facilities, psychiatric facilities, extended care units in public hospitals or any other residential facilities for ten or more persons having a physical or mental disability.

Physical & Mental Disabilities

A mental or physical disability does not affect a person’s qualification to vote. No administrator or other person has the right to deny a person the opportunity to vote.  An elector who is unable to vote without assistance may receive help from an election officer or a friend.  

Voting Options


Electors who live in a treatment centre vote for the same contests as the surrounding neighbourhood.  This allows electors in treatment centres to vote outside of the treatment centre, at the advance or ordinary polling station or at the returning office. 

Electors who live in a treatment centre may also vote within the treatment centre in the following ways:

  • At an additional poll, which is a small polling station located in the treatment centre.
  • By appointment, which consists of a bedside visit by two polling officials at a pre-arranged time.

If the elector does not request an appointment or visit the additional poll, polling officials will not seek them out by going from room to room.