Elections New Brunswick

As the organization responsible for ensuring all eligible voters have the opportunity to participate in elections, Elections NB is committed to identifying and removing barriers to full participation.

Elections NB offers a variety of options for voters with a physical and/or cognitive disability to vote and mark a ballot.


Elections NB strives to ensure that the buildings it uses during elections are accessible and can accommodate the needs of voters with various challenges. We provide various supports at our Returning Offices and at the polling stations to assist and accommodate electors with special requirements to vote independently

If your polling station or returning office does not offer the level access you require, you can request to vote using curbside voting. Polling officials will come to your vehicle with your ballot, a marker and secrecy sleeve, as well as the ballot box you for to deposit your ballot.

Braille ballots are available, but only during provincial elections. A Braille ballot template, a Braille list of candidates and instruction sheet are available at all voting places.

Elections NB also provides the option to vote using a Braille tactile controller connected to the tabulation machine to conduct an audio vote session. The service is only available at returning offices during both provincial and local elections.  

Any elector may request to have a ballot mailed to them. The ballot must be returned to the returning office by 8 p.m. on Election Day, or the ballot will not be counted. An application for a mail in ballot can be made by calling the local returning office, or the request can be made online from the Elections NB website.    

The audio vote session is only available at the returning office. It enables an elector with a disability to vote independently using either a Braille controller, paddles, or a sip and puff attachment. While wearing headphones the elector listens to voting instructions and makes their selection privately. If required, the election official will assist the elector in transferring the ballot from the printer to the tabulation machine.  

You can bring someone with you to help you vote. They must be 18 years of age or older. A poll worker may also assist you.

You must arrange for an interpreter prior to going to a Returning Office or a polling station to vote. This service is done by appointment only of the days of advance voting and Election Day. Please call Elections NB at 1-888-858-8683 for information on how to book an interpreter.