FREDERICTON (ENB) – Recounts held across the province this week have upheld the outcome of election results of 12 close municipal election contests announced last Tuesday.

Recounts held since Tuesday, June 1, confirmed the results published May 25 for races in Bas-Caraquet, Hanwell, two contests in Edmundston, Fredericton, Grand Falls, Moncton, Norton, Paquetville, Stanley, St. George and Saint John.

An additional three municipal election contests were tied on election night.

In Beaubassin-est, where there was a tie, the recount upheld the result from election night. The two candidates agreed to have the municipal returning officer draw the name of the person who would be declared as the winner.

The recount for the municipality of Neguac also confirmed the tie between the candidates, as announced election night; however, both candidates opted to request a judicial recount, rather than having the municipal returning officer draw the name of the winner.

In the recount conducted for the tie vote in Sainte Maire-Saint Raphael, one ballot was rejected by the municipal returning officer, breaking the tie.

Today is the last day any candidate who lost by 25 votes, or less, can request a recount.