Elections New Brunswick

Under the Transparency in Election Commitments Act, proclaimed May 16, 2018, any registered political party that makes an election commitment is required to prepare a disclosure statement related to the cost of that commitment.  The Act sets out specific timelines by which the disclosure statement must be filed with the Supervisor of Political Financing and published by the party.

Election commitments may be made either by the registered political party or by its leader.  Election commitments include a new or expanded program or service, an expenditure reduction measure, a new or expanded revenue program, or a revenue reduction measure. 

The following drop-down lists include all relevant documents related to election commitments made by each registered political party.

The Supervisor has provided the following forms for filing and publishing a disclosure statement.  Publishing a disclosure statement means the party will make it public by or through any media, including a press release, a post on a website, or any other public information media.  

A registered political party may make a complaint to the Supervisor against another registered political party, alleging that it has failed to file a disclosure statement with the Supervisor.  The legislation provides for an investigation into such a complaint by the Supervisor, with ensuing financial consequences if it is determined that the rules have not been followed.

A registered political party may make application under the Rules of Court for a judicial declaration of non-compliance against another registered political party.

The required content and filing deadline for such an application, the options available to the judge, and the potential financial implications for a non-compliant political party are detailed in the Transparency in Election Commitments Manual.