Government of New Brunswick - Canada

Farming has a long history in New Brunswick. Agriculture and its related industries, such as food processing, make a vital contribution to the province’s economy, society and culture. 

The Government of New Brunswick recognizes the importance of attracting new entrants to the agriculture industry. There are many opportunities for new entrants to farm in our province. New Brunswick has good land available at relatively affordable prices and plenty of water.

The Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries has put together this Road Map for people who are new to, or interested in, farming in New Brunswick. This guide will help you access services and information as you work to make your farm successful.

The Department has established new interactive maps to help prospective farmers begin to investigate areas and properties that may be favourable to certain crops.

The map is intended as a guide for both prospective new entrants and existing farmers looking for insight into where to establish specific crops and where to pursue further research and investigation.

Data including growing degree days, soil drainage, slope and frost risk were used to develop the maps. The maps also provide access to other useful information, including the property size and tax assessments for land.

Please note that the interactive map serves as a guide only. Each potential site should be individually inspected by a knowledgeable person to insure that the site meets all requirements for the intended crop.