Government of New Brunswick

A number of Provincial, Federal and cost-shared programs are available to assist the New Brunswick agriculture industry in various areas of activity. Specific examples include management, production diversification, market development, environmental improvements, land development, sustainability, food safety, training, research and innovation.

 New Brunswick’s Indigenous Agriculture Development Program (NEW)

 Advancing Agri-Food Processing

  •  Product Conception and Development
  •  Production Improvement

 Agri-Industry Development and Advancement

 Enabling Agricultural Research and Innovation

  • Innovative Research and Development
  • Accelerating Agricultural Innovation
  • Innovative Technology and Demonstration

 Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

  • Environmental Management Planning
  • Agro-Environmental Clubs
  • Food Processor / Packer / Abattoir Waste Management Systems
  • Adoption of Environmental Beneficial Management Practices

 Mitigation, Prevention, Occupational Health and Safety

  • Wildlife Damage Mitigation
  • Emergency Preparedness for Extreme Weather Disasters
  • Occupational Health and Safety on Farm

 Public Trust and Agricultural Awareness

  • Assurance, Food Safety and Quality Systems
  • Development and Implementation of a National Agriculture and Food Safety Traceability System
  • Biosecurity Implementation
  • Animal Welfare Assurance Systems
  • Agriculture Awareness

Industry Development Programs