Government of New Brunswick

Yves Vaillancourt 1
(Partner: New Brunswick North West Milk Producer Association )


Abstract: The evaluafion of an hydrotherapy system with hot water for the diagnostic and treatment of downer cow syndrome was done for 7 cows between July 1998 and February 1999 on dairy farms from North West Region of New Brunswick. The results either positive or negative, the history and diagnosis were noted. A positive result was acheived in 2 cases on 7 (28.5%), a lower percentage than previous results cited in the scientific literature. The small number of cases involved and the delay between the beginning of the syndrome and the utilisation of the hydrotherapy could explain the variation in the percentage of cure. A long term evaluation and the use of the equipment by a private sector provider should be considered.

1 NBDARD, Saint-Quentin, NB E8A IH8