Government of New Brunswick

What does the Clean Air Act mean for you? It means that you now have greater access to a range of information, and specific opportunities to comment on air quality management issues.

The Clean Air Act came into force in December 1997 and is the Department's primary tool for managing and regulating air quality in the province. The Act is unique among the Department's other legislation because it provides the public with an opportunity to comment directly on the review of:

  • applications for new or renewed Class 1 Air Quality Operating Approvals;
  • applications for amendments to existing Approvals based on projected increases to air emissions;
  • draft air quality objectives proposed by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and Minister of Health.

To encourage your involvement, the Clean Air Act requires that the Department of Environment and Local Government provide access to information by maintaining a "Register" which, among other things, includes information about Approval holders, and is available from all provincial Environment and Local Government offices. Currently the Register consists of a combination of paper, computer and Web-based files and documents.

Any comments you wish to make regarding new, renewed or amended Approvals or draft air quality objectives will become part of the record of review by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change in making air quality management decisions.

For more information about the public participation process under the Clean Air Act, visit our Web site.