Government of New Brunswick

Healthy lakes and their shores not only provide us with a number of environmental benefits but they influence our quality of life and they strengthen our economy.

Proper lake function can ease the impact of floods and droughts by storing large amounts of water and releasing it during shortages.  Lakes also work to replenish groundwater, positively influence water quality of downstream watercourses, and preserve the biodiversity and habitat of the area.  When the ecological puzzle pieces of a lake come together and the lake is able to work as it should, the big picture is clear, we all stand to benefit from this important resource. 

Lakes can provide us with prime opportunities for recreation, tourism, and cottage or residential living.  They are also respected by many people for their historical and traditional values and may be a source of raw drinking water for a municipality.  Lakes can also be used as a water supply for industry and an irrigation source for agriculture. 

So you see lakes are more than just a simple body of water used by many people to enjoy recreational activities.  They are important ecosystems that, when respected and cared for, can sustain a healthy balance of aquatic life, provide us with much enjoyment, and help support our socio-economic needs.  It is our responsibility to continue to practice stewardship in our lakes by keeping them healthy for all, especially those who depend on them.