Government of New Brunswick

In our cities and towns, a public (municipal) water system brings clean water to everyone in the community. The water may come from groundwater that is drawn from wells, or from surface water, such as lakes and rivers.


Surface water is pumped to a water treatment plant where it is made safe for drinking. Small amounts of chemicals are mixed in, to kill any bacteria in the water that could make people sick. Any sand or dirt that may be floating in the water is taken out.

From the treatment plant, the water is pumped into a system of underground pipes that carry water to all the different parts of the community.

Water that is released from a water tower flows quickly because of gravity, it is moving from a high point to a lower one.



PUMPS - Pumps used are very powerful. They must be able to push a large amount of water through many kilometers of underground pipes, up to the top of hills and to the top floors of tall buildings.


WATER TOWER- A water tower, a large elevated tank, can help to keep the water under pressure and can also be useful for storing extra water.