Government of New Brunswick
Part 1 Management and Non-Union employees of the Public Service are eligible to request pro-rated leave. Unionized employees are eligible, subject to any relevant provisions in their collective agreement.
Where operationally feasible, up to 2 months may be purchased for Management and Non-union employees. Unionized employees should refer to the appropriate collective agreement. Requests are subject to approval, provided that operations can be maintained to support continuity of service.
Your manager must ensure that the work of the unit/branch/division can be maintained in light of any absence.

You may use the online pro-rated leave calculator.

Eligible employees can request to purchase pro-rated leave through Employee Self Service (ESS) or you may submit the request to your manager if you do not have ESS access.
Employees with vacation carry-over beyond one year’s entitlement should draw down their vacation bank before purchasing pro-rated leave.
It is always better to use any purchased days prior to using your yearly vacation entitlements.
Pro-rated leave should be used within the calendar year that it is purchased, with the exception of pro-rated leave for the Christmas holiday period, given that it is normally purchased near the end of the calendar year.
Yes, pro-rated leave may be initiated at any point in the year. If you do not indicate a start date and the number of pay periods to pro-rate, SNB-Payroll and Benefits Services will default to pro-rating over 26 pays, likely from the next payroll period.
Yes, you should indicate the number of pay periods to pro-rate when submitting your request. If you do not indicate this information, SNB-Payroll and Benefits Services will default to pro-rating over 26 pays, likely from the next payroll period.
Buying pro-rated leave does not affect your pension. When you are buying your pro-rated leave you still continue to pay your regular pension deductions. When you take your pro-rated leave you will receive your regular pay and all of your regular payroll deductions (i.e. pension, benefits, taxes, CPP, EI, etc.) will continue.
Most bargaining groups continue to earn seniority when leave is taken; please refer to the appropriate collective agreement.
Vacation and sick accumulation may be impacted if pro-rated leave deductions exceed policy and collective agreement thresholds (see AD 2201 and AD 2202 for additional information).
If you plan to leave GNB prior to completing the purchase deductions, please contact SNB-Payroll and Benefits Services. A review will determine if a refund is warranted or a balance owing, depending on your usage at time of termination.
Managers are encouraged to accommodate leave requests; however, depending on operational requirements, approval may not be guaranteed