Government of New Brunswick

The Province of New Brunswick is increasingly involved in international activities. The International Relations unit facilitates inter-departmental coordination of the Province’s international activities with the aim of focusing efforts towards the Province’s strategic interests and achieving a higher level of presence and success in the global community.


The purpose is threefold:

  1. Increase NB’s visibility and credibility on the international scene as a partner of choice for economic and cultural relations;

  2. Facilitate a concerted approach between the Province and its institutional & private sector partners in targeting the province’s strategic interests in all its international affairs;

  3. Build public awareness on the merits of international economic and cultural relationships, and promote involvement, particularly by New Brunswick’ business community and academic institutions in international development activities.

The Section:

  • Oversees the interdepartmental implementation of “Prospering in a Global Community: New Brunswick's International Strategy” . The corporate nature of the strategy demands on-going consultation that integrates all of the Province's resources involved in international activities. The corporate strategy ensures a concerted action plan in step with the Province's vision, values and key interests as articulated in the Greater Opportunity: New Brunswick's Prosperity Plan 2002-2012.

  • Oversees the development and implementation of corporate action plans for the designated markets targeted by the International Strategy.

  • Provides national and international governmental and institutional relationship building and networking support to promote New Brunswick's interests in the global economy.

  • Provides guidelines and support to departments and agencies of the Province in negotiations and implementation of bilateral and multilateral arrangements with international partners.