Government of New Brunswick

What We Can Do

Federal and provincial laws give OSE the authority to use various methods to collect overdue support payments. These methods include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Initiate a Payment Order. This is commonly known as a garnishment. Some examples of monies that can be garnished include: wages, pensions, income tax refunds, GST credits, workers’ compensation benefits, and bank accounts, including jointly held accounts;
  • Demand information about a payer’s location, contact information, salary, employment, assets, or any other information that is considered necessary to enforce the order. The information demands can be made to anyone, and may be done through direct searches of designated information banks. Information demanded must be provided within 14 days;
  • Report a Payer to a credit bureau if the payer owes an amount greater than three months of support payments;
  • Suspend or revoke a Payer’s driver’s licence if the Payer owes an amount greater than four months of support payments;
  • Make corporations liable for support owed by a Payer if the Payer or the Payer’s family owns the corporation;
  • Ask the federal government to suspend, refuse to issue, or refuse to renew the Payer’s passport and/or federal aviation or marine licence if the Payer owes an amount greater than three months of support payments;
  • Bring the case to Court for a Judge or Court Administrator to decide on additional enforcement action. This is called an enforcement hearing.

What We Can’t Do

  • Provide legal advice or act as a lawyer or counselor;
  • Change the amount of your support order or agreement based on changes in income;
  • Become involved in child access or visitation.

How To Apply for a Support Variation

OSE cannot change your support order or agreement in any way. You must apply to have your order varied. Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB) has prepared a Child Support Variation Kit which provides helpful information for parents who want to change, or have been asked to change, an existing child support order or agreement. The kit can be found on the PLEIS-NB website: